The Jack to Jack Sailboats

The Snark


The Snark was Jack London's sailboat that set sail from Oakland, California in 1907 with the intent of sailing around the world. Read more in our Blog section.

The Sailboats


The limited edition model sailboats designs are inspired by Jack London's Snark. They measure 18" long and are crafted out of singed redwood trees removed after the Sonoma wildfires. The premier boats will be named after Jack London novels: Call of the Wild; White Fang; Valley of the Moon. The prized model boat will be The Snark.

In April, the sailboats compete in the Jack to Jack race, a .7 mile course down Sonoma Creek,  starting at the Jack London Lodge in Glen Ellen and ending at the Jack London Village. GPS installed in each boat enhances the spectator experience, allowing the boats' progress to be monitored from local venues.

After the Jack to Jack race, the boats with their decorated sails can be displayed throughout the year at local wineries and restaurants.

Boat Slips


Display cabinets will be placed in various restaurants and wineries in the future. Cabinet styles and colors will vary, each holding 4, 6, 9 or 12 sailboats.



Do I have to have Sponsors for my boat for the Jack to Jack?

     No, you do not. Obtaining sponsors contributes to the fundraising success of the Jack to Jack, but your participation is equally as important.

How will my logo and graphics be placed on my boat?

     Email the logos to us, and our volunteers will artfully place the logos on the sails. Size and placement will be determined by an upcoming guideline that will be emailed to you.

How much will a boat cost?

     The exact cost will be determined by auction, but starting bids are $1,000.

How are the boats made?

     The boats are hand crafted from redwood trees singed in the 2017 Sonoma wildfires.

Who makes the boats?

     Local craftspersons.

Thank you to:

Paul and Melissa Dowling

Mike Papola Cabinetry

Marshall's Body Shop

Jeff Hann

Identity Graphix

Rod M. Mahoney Builder

Scott A|G

When will boats be available for purchase?

     The model boats will be available to purchase at the Dinner/Auction in January. Thereafter, they will be available for purchase online.

What will the prize be for the Jack to Jack winner?

A beautiful sculpture by local glass artist, Tyler Stupich. This sculpture will be awarded annually (a Perpetual Award).

Winners will receive leis, in remembrance of Jack and Charmian's  SNARK's first stop in Hawaii.

Boasting rights and a Multiple Winner Plaque will be placed at the Jack London Lodge.